See Me: Book Review

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See Me

By: Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed by Jamin


This book is good for Us who believes in second chances.

Wilmington is a place where Maria Sanchez felt safe after the menacing events in her life. She left Charlotte to move back home and be closer to her family. Maria, with her outstanding professional record is a single woman with an eye-catching Mexican features, dark eyes and nearly perfect bone structure.  But behind that appealing look is a lonely woman who wonders if Mr. Right is still out in the market.

And there is this guy who lives in Wilmington named Colin Hancock, a rebellious, violent guy who wants to change. Colin may not fit for a “man of my dreams” kind of thing but hey! He was doing well in rebuilding his life. He was taking his best shot to be the man he wanted to be until he met Maria. A woman who may jeopardize everything he’d worked for but would still be willing to do everything for her.

This book is not just an ordinary love story, or I must say not “just” a love story. I was surprise with how the story changed from a one magical afternoon into a suspense thriller. I actually loved how the author connected all the pieces of the story because it turned out more than what I was expecting. Whenever I read, I want to feel the emotions that the characters are portraying; I want my brain to work because that makes a book a good book, isn’t it? I hope you know what I am talking about; if not then I’ll cite an example of my favorite part without giving too much, Maria loves to paddle board and she invited him one morning to join her. They watched the sun goes down and birds flying freely in the sky, I felt the contentment and peace in that scene. I imagined myself just sitting there with someone, a stranger like Colin and talking about everything under the sun.

But you know what? If I could change something in the story, I would probably add more of the scenes that gave me butterflies in my stomach. I would’ve wanted light phase but again I did still liked it right? It was just my two cents. Anyway before I end this blog, can I share something more? I think I want to be Maria, hahaha why? It’s her personality and wit that captured me. And so my dear muggles out there, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel that one day, you will find your Mr. Right.


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