Entry 1: My First Experience with Pottermore

To be honest, I thought Pottermore is a site made by some fan gone ballistic (in a good way), who cannot get over the fact that he or she will never receive a letter from Hogwarts. I was wrong.


What is Pottermore?


To be honest, I thought Pottermore is a site made by some fan gone ballistic (in a good way), who cannot get over the fact that he or she will never receive a letter from Hogwarts. I was wrong.

According to Wikipedia (quickest source of information for the procastinating muggle like me) :

                              Pottermore is the digital publishing, ecommerce, entertainment and news company from Jk Rowling and is the global digital publisher of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. It offers news, features, and articles as well as new and previously unreleased writing by J.K. Rowling. The site features Rowling’s thoughts, several pages of unpublished text, and a sales resource for e-book and audiobook versions of the seven Harry Potter novels.


Site -wise, it is absolutely magical. Everything about it is just lovely and you have to come visit the website to see for yourself.  It will ask you to sign up to have your own account before you can fully navigate the web. The first thing that I did is discover my patronous.


What is a Patronous?

According to Fandom made by Wikia (the second site you go to if Wikipedia is being a snob)

The Patronus represents that which is hidden, unknown but necessary within the personality. When a human confronted with inhuman evil, such as the Dementor, must draw upon resources he or she may never have needed, and the Patronus is the awakened secret self that lies dormant until needed, but which must now be brought to light.


 At first glance, we see a crow as a dire symbol of death and all the unfortunate things one can think of. But if you actually do some research like what I did just now (evil grin), crows represents (info came from spiritanimal.com) :

  1. Life magic; mystery of creation

     2. Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy

     3. Intelligence

     4.Higher perspective

      5.Being fearless, audacious

      6.Flexibility, adaptability

      7.Trickster, manipulative, mischievous

Hmmm…. Given that a patronous is something that is already natural inside you, I think I have chosen crow because of my intelligence (nope KIDDING). Seriously, I think it’s because of being mischievous. I know for a fact that I look harmless, but  don’t judge the book by its owner, people. Don’t!


Next stop: My House


This is clearly the most fascinating part of fascinating part of the website aside from about everything that’s in there. This is where it begins: the sorting. Even if the actual sorting hat didn’t sit in my head, I still feel giddy and of course, very jumpy.


What is a sorting hat?


According to Wikia:


The Sorting Hat is a sentient hat at Hogwarts that magically determines which of the four school Houses each new student belongs most to. These four Houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. The Sorting Hat originally belonged to Godric Gryffindor, one of the founders of Hogwarts. It normally stays in the Headmaster’s office until it is needed.




Snipped from Pottermore



YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I made it to my dream House: Slytherin Okay, I’m not into snakes. I’m not a fan of green, either. I can be evil sometimes. Although, it’s a misconception that Slytherins are atrocious, awful, and deplorable beings. They’re brave people,too who do things quietly. Yeah, I am definitely talking about Severus Snape, Headmaster of House Slytherin. Another cool thing, is we are famous for having a Parseltongue. Cool but not falshy kids, that’s who we are.


Next stop : Get to know the wand



Snipped from Pottermore



Pottermore will also let you take a test that will determine the wand that best fits you. Here’s what I’ve gotten. I’m not very familiar with wands but I like this one so far, specifically because it’s long.

Next stop: Ilvermorny

The great North American school of magic was founded in the seventeenth century. It stands at the highest peak of Mount Greylock, where it is concealed from non-magic gaze by a variety of powerful enchantments, which sometimes manifest in a wreath of misty cloud.- Pottermore

I have watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them twice in the cinemas. Ilvermorny was mentioned one or two times in the whole movie, so all we know is that it is the American counterpart of Hogwarts. Read the whole story in Pottermore. I took the test and got sorted under House Wampus.
Eden ♥♥♥

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