Indian Poetry You Will Understand

Hurting comes of passion hidden with tears on one’s cheeks


Loving results from pain with too much of it

Breaking does not mean it’s already ending because it might take weeks


Healing does not result to forgetting it


Milk and Honey

By Rupi Kaur

Reviewed by Eden


Hurting comes of passion hidden with tears on one’s cheeks


Loving results from pain with too much of it

Breaking does not mean it’s already ending because it might take weeks


Healing does not result to forgetting it

Personally, I don’t buy books about poetry; compilation of carefully ordered words, an anthology of cherry-picked phrases that either pleases or provokes. First, because I’m a poet (I claim this because you don’t necessary need a license to be one) and I know poems are merely thoughts of a confused and troubled person who uses words as a form of release. Now, that could sound very sensuous, but I assure that most poets would agree with me. A poem is written not for anyone but for oneself. Even if someone claims to be doing a favor for another person by writing him a poem, I would argue that the poet wrote it for himself. Secondly, poetry books are very expensive (you will notice that in all of my reviews, I caterwaul a lot about the price of books). I won’t say that I’m a practical kind of person, because it would be contradicting to the fact that I buy books whenever I have the chance. I supposed I’m a practical book shopper. It doesn’t matter if it will cost my life (I know, using hyperboles are the worst and I can’t exaggerate it much) as long as it’s not going to waste my time.

It is very easy to review fiction books because there is an actual sequence of events that make it easier for readers to develop an outline. I ask myself this every time I do a book review: Did you sponge read this book? If yes, proceed doing the review. If not, add this book to your read-again list. What is sponge reading? You don’t have to dig in deep to know that I just made the whole thing up. Hahaha. Believe me, I know about all kinds of reading; even the type when the reader throws the book out of exorbitant euphoria (or the opposite).

Sponge reading helps you determine if you have the capacity to make a book review. Well, anyone can make a review of anything. The question is will it be a review worthwhile for an audience? Sponge reading doesn’t mean you have to learn every specific detail of the book like how red is the clear sky turned out when the sea is filled with thick blood that came out of the drowning girl whose lungs exploded after blah blah blah blah blah blah. Details are essential, but so much of it could also mean death to your review. When you do sponge reading, you absorb the most amount of water you can hold and then squeeze out the water you don’t need. I promise to write a whole new article about sponge reading next time.  The only rationale of it is that I find it hard to review poems . . . because I deem it to be disrespectful (It’s just me). It’s complicated to interpret a poem considering no one will ever know what the poet sees, hears or feels the time he had written the poem. What we can only do at this point is to be empathetic and hopeless supposers (yup, no word like that yet).

I’ll pick my favorite poem per part of the book and I’ll answer with an inspired poetry.


The Hurting:

Page 27-

you have sadness

living in places

sadness shouldn’t live


Where do you hurt?

I touch my lips

You wanted to kiss it

And I still look wounded

You kiss me once

You’re doing it wrong

Where is it then?

You sound puzzled

While smiling, I say

I hurt when I have to smile

Even when I don’t want to

The Loving:

Page 53-

nothing is safer

than the sound of you

reading out loud to me

 -the perfect date


If you read to me

Only if you want to

I’m not forcing you


Caress my head and lay it on your lap

Oh no

Not at all

But I would love that

Very much

If you read to me


I’ll love you and you only

If you read to me

Only if you want to

The Breaking:

Page 107-

i had to leave

i was tired of

allowing you to

make me feel

anything less

than whole


It’s hard for those who get left behind

But what about the one that got away

Do you think it’s not equally painful?

I almost crawled my way out from your arms

Because my two foolish feet were already rooted to your heart


The Healing:

Page 161-


in love

with your solitude


You will always remember what used to be

You will believe you’re over him

You will cry


You will cry again



But you will be happy

You will

If you’re the type of person who has daily rituals like sniffing on some old books or drinking chamomile tea as a way of escape or to simply achieve that cozy and soothing feeling, reading a poem helps a lot. I bought the book for five hundred and thirty-nine pesos (almost 10 dollars). There are some surprises inside the book which highlights the poet’s another talent (no, not a free iPhone). I hope you enjoy this review.

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