The Sun is Also a Star: Book Review

✰The Sun is Also a Star✰

Nicola Yoon

Reviewed by: Ann Jamin


“It can take a day to fall in love but it will take forever to say goodbye.”


Natasha Kingsley is a seventeen year old smart girl who loves science. For her, education and going to college is her ultimate dream. And who would have thought that that dream may be over in 12 hours? That in just one night, all her dreams will be like bubbles that disappear. Puff! You wouldn’t blame this girl for hating her father for the mess, the fact that she only has few hours left before deportation to Jamaica. One shot is all she needs! She is willing to chase and change her fate. But beyond her knowing, fate can be sometimes playful and cruel.

Daniel Bae is a Korean hopeless romantic, with a bully older brother Charlie and has traditional parents who want him to be a doctor. When you say traditional? Well you have to follow the rules even if it hurts and even if it will not make you happy. Going to Yale and be a doctor! Definitely not a writer! Yes! But inside his coat has a pocket with a small notebook full of poems. You’ll be interested with this guy, as for Daniel, it can take one day to fall in love. With the help of the universe and some sprinkled science magic everything is possible in so called Love.

This novel teaches us that everything happens for a reason. I loved the idea that the author gave time to include glimpse of the shortcomings of all the characters. It’s very realistic! And to people who are chasing their dreams despite everything, this book taught us that situations may differ. It’s an eye-opener that we should not be blinded by our dreams and  be mindful of our loved ones too. That we should be thankful and heedful for what we have and stop complaining for things we don’t have.

This quote came to my mind when I was reading the part where Sean has his own world in his mind. This is for  you Sean Kingsley!


Over all I will give this book 3 ✰ out of 5 ✰. There are some parts that I wish Natasha and Daniel had at least more time to be together. So what’s my favorite part then? Well, of course the ending! I can’t be more specific but this;


“If it’s meant to be, love will always find its way” 🙂


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