When I Started Reading

When I Started Reading?


“A good book will turn its back on you and remains a friend.”

Living in a country where English is not your mother tounge, at first reading English book can be quite intimidating. Growing up in a small town where electricity turns off around eight o’clock in the evening is hard for a little girl who loves stories. But luckily enough, my parents taught me the importance of education and they did not let electricity hinder us from reading. My father used to preach us (while eating dinner) that me and my siblings should read! Like all the time! Sermon became our daily dose! (insert Exhausted Emoji) Hahaha And you know what was the funny thing there? I never saw my father reading a book! Lol. I kept on complaining but still every single day he would wake me up at 5 o’clock in the morning asking me to recite and spell a word and I was six! six years old! (Dad: Spell the word “Wednesday”)  (Me: I’m sorry what?!) I started memorizing mutiplication table at seven years old and God knows how difficult it was for a kid to do math ( like so much Papa!!). On the other hand my mom ?she would buy gallons of milk that has free bedtime leaflets and my dad would read and translate it for me in our own language( that’s the only time that he reads book). And it was the best memory I have with my dad. 🙂

Years passed and finally we moved to the city. A place where reading is the least favorite hobby. There was even a time when I was embarrassed to read books in front of my new found “city friends”. Instead I explored the city and totally forgot the magic of reading. And then one day I got sick and my dad had to bring me back home and stay in my grandparents place for the summer. It was a long and tiring travel, but what made me very disappointed was that we traveled sixteen hours and found out there was nothing there!  No internet, no cable, no anything but pocket books! (Hello old friend!)

I had to kill my days by losing myself in reading stories until one afternoon came that I never wanted to put the book down. It felt so strange yet it was so good and fulfilling. After that summer vacation, I went back to the city with the whole new me! I knew how difficult college life can be as you have to deal with a lot of things. But surprisingly, I didn’t had that much difficulty. (Though I still hate the idea of school giving five major exams in one day! How is it possible that loads of data can be stored in humans little brain?) Passion for reading became my advantage and I used it as a tool to remember stuff easily.( Wink! Wink!)I can recall! Hurray! I think my brain is sharp but nah! It was just because I love reading books.

I still do. 🙂

 When Harry Potter Saga published my whole reading madness changed into a whole new level. I remembered being so energetic when I was asked to pronounce some spells! There was a question about Harry Potter that I answered out loud “Norwegian Dragon of Hagrid!” Hahaha! I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. At that time most young girls love to talk about boys and dating however me and my best friends are just hooked in reading fantasies! Then Twilight Saga came, Danielle Steel, Nicholas Sparks and Paulo Coelho to name a few. My first purchased book at Book Sale was The sisterhood of Travelling Pants and since then every savings goes to Book Sale. I spent my whole school allowance in buying preloved books. 🙂

And now whenever mom asks me about my reading habit, I always say

I don’t know Ma! Probably the smell of the book. It’s just addicting.”


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