Mistborn: Book Review

Do you stop loving someone just because they betray you? I don’t think so. That’s what makes the BETRAYAL hurt so much– pain, frustration, anger. . . And I still loved her. I still do. -Kelsier




                            By: Brandon Sanderson


ISBN 978-0-7653-7713-5/ Pages: 669/ Published by TOR

About the Author:

Brandon Sanderson grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. He lives in Utah and teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University. After Robert Jordan’s death, he completed the final three volumes in Jordan’s bestselling The Wheel of Time series, concluding with the long-awaited A Memory of Light. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling teen novels The Rithmatist and Steelheart.


The Final Empire is the first book in a trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. It’s a story between the fight for the freedom of the people known as Skaa against the Lord Ruler. According to the legend, Lord Ruler is an immortal God and has rule the world for a thousand years along with his obligators and inquisitors. Skaa are subservient and lived their lives with brutality, over worked, everyday beatings and hunger for as long as they can remember. They fear of going out at night because of the dark thick mists, they believed that men who venture into the mist lose their souls.  In day time, Ash continued to fall from the sky. There was no hope for Skaa!

“I am God,” he said. “God cannot be killed”. “God cannot be overthrown.”  – Lord Ruler

In the history, countless rebellion was destroyed and thousands of skaa was massacred. Nobody dared to fight Lord Ruler anymore until a survivor rose from Pits of Hathsin to seek revenge. Kelsier’s father was a nobleman and his mother was a skaa. Few years ago, Kelsier and his wife a Tineye named Mare went to Kredik Shaw to steal the Lord Ruler’s atium cache. While sneaking, Mare used allomancy and steel inquisitor sensed her and both of them were thrown to Pits, though others believed that Mare betrayed Kelsier. Prisoners mine Atium, a very powerful metal for Lord Ruler however one day Kelsier did not find any. Mare lied and gave him the only Atium she has and she was beaten to death, in front of her husband. Kelsier protested and earned himself brutal beatings and from there he Snapped.


A Mistborn, Survivor of Hathsin!

Kelsier went back to Luthadel to put his plan into motion. He became a crew leader of misting thieves and assembled Skaa Rebellion to overthrow The Final Empire. Impossible it may seem, Kelsier never stopped finding answers how to combat the Lord Ruler, he heard about the Eleventh Metal. He believes that this powerful metal will kill the beast. With Vin by his side, he knew his plan will work! “But with some sacrifices”


Spoiler Alert!!

One of the best dystopian novels I’ve ever read! I need to compose myself and start giving feedbacks! Lol. I loved everything about this book especially the feeling when you thought you knew what will happen next. A lot of “woooh” and “No” came out in my mouth. That part when I felt grief when Kelsier died but also disappointed that he just stood there in front of Lord Ruler. He didn’t do anything! That was my reaction, you can’t blame me! I wanted them to fight. I had this “just when you thought it’s over” reaction but because of Marsh I had hope! I was starting to panic but the author was so good to put all those twists!

When I started reading this book, I started to decipher the Hero’s words in his logbook, I was so confused! Brandon Sanderson “What happened to this guy?” or “I guess not all wants to be a Hero then.”

I recommend this book! Very entertaining and also if you watch Booktube videos in Youtube, Mistborn is one of their favorites.


4 thoughts on “Mistborn: Book Review”

  1. Hi! I also have read this. It has a great world building plus on point fight scenes I super love it. But I have a problem with the development of the characters 😦 i want to continue it but some of my Goodreads friends said that Elend and vin’s characters got a lot worse, so I didn’t. So sad

    I also feel the same way about kelsier. He is like my fave character in the whole book and when they kill him off.. so sad


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