Entry Two: My Reading Shenanigans

How did I become tied to reading?/What is the first book I have ever read?/What kind of books don’t I read?/What is my most convenient reading position?/What can’t I stand while reading?/How fast do I read?


All books are unique like no two readers are ever going to be the same.


We all have different ways in how we consume a book, so why spend time reading this article? First, I am writing this for the muggles who are curious about how quickly I read, how stupid I am to spend money on books, how I choose a book, and how I do my reviews. Second, I believe that when we reason, we tend to say first of all every single time that sometimes we are forced to think of a second reason even if it is mostly nonexistent.

How did I become tied to reading?

Not all marriages are bonded by love and happiness. Some are brought together out of an unfortunate incident. I am counting all arranged marriages. I am also counting all marriages that occurred because of unwanted pregnancy. I will also count the day I got tied to reading because my fourth grade teacher said to my face that I can never be in the top ten of performing pupils because of the low-grade I received in English. I was so embarrassed why I even bother asking her why I wasn’t included in the top ten. She answered rather bluntly. I refused to accept this defeat. I started spending more time in reading my English textbooks. I abandoned my first love: Science. In no time, I didn’t realize that I was already exceeding expectations. Fast forward to fifth grade, I became the top student in English. But I didn’t read my first story book until sixth grade.

What is the first book I have ever read?

I do not own any books aside from the reference books the elementary school provided. Reading textbooks suits me fine until that one day I visited my cousin’s house. She’s one year younger than me and she has all this nice books. Through her I was able to read The Wizard of Oz. I wouldn’t call this my favorite book of all time because my mind changes a lot, but this book really unfurled my mind to the ambrosia-like stuff offered by books.

What kind of books don’t I read?

One misconception about a person who reads is that he reads everything. This is absolutely not the case. I, for one do not like to read current events. I read the newspapers because of the entertainment section, but since I read for pleasure all the time, I do not like to ruin my day with present disappointments. Reading about a crime happening right across the neighborhood is so different from reading an Agatha Christie book. What’s real scares me.

What is my most convenient reading position?

This is going to sound odd. I like reading while lying down with the phone tucked inside my chin, flashlight on. The book rests on top of my tummy. In this way, I can just sleep once I am tired of reading. But this is not really a good way to read. My mother said it would ruin my eyesight. I won’t know till it’s too late.

What can’t I stand while reading?

  • The generous availability of wireless local area networking.
  • The lack of good light.
  • The episodes of the k-drama that I still need to watch. Netflix is to blame too.
  • Insufferable people who produce uncalled-for noises.

How fast do I read?

This is not even the right question because for a self-proclaimed bookworm, I read very slowly. Sometimes, it depends on the book. If you are talking about The Grown-up by Gillian Flynn, I finished it in one sitting because aside from being a fast-paced thriller, it is also contains less than 70 pages. The shortest time I had spent on reading a regular book would be two days.

How do I choose my next read?

It really depends on my mood. Since I read all kinds of fiction, my mood sets the reading pace and the genre. Let’s say I’m inside a bookstore right now, I will tell you that I’ll pick Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace.  I’ve been intending to read this book for a long time now. Sadly, I am on a book-buying detention. From the title of the book you will guess that I like strong titles. I always fancy a book that surprises me in the end.

What is the best time for reading?

The best time to read is always when you are forced to be doing something else.

What is not the best time to read?

When all the four elements that I can’t stand in question #5 are present.

Why do I think everybody should read?

Because it’s fun and it never leaves a space for not having to process ideas. This means that you will never be as dumb as you already are when you read. Not all people who read are smart. I am not smart. But through reading, I get to have a clear picture of a notion just by seeing the words. Reading will help you think beyond what you can think of. Reading will also make you realize that your vocabulary is too small it can’t be seen even under a magnifying glass.

Why do I think most people find reading dull?

Because living in an era where everything can be achieved in a snap of one’s fingers, people are always impatient. It takes a great deal of patience while reading. There will be parts that you wish the author didn’t write. Most people also prefer visual and audio presentation. Since time is of the essence, why won’t we prefer achieving something in the quickest possible way, right? I agree, but all the good things always take time. Hihihi.

What type of reading do I do when I make a review?

Sponge Reading

I promised to explain this further so here it goes.

Sponge reading probably has other cool names made up by other readers, but for some reason, I see this name the most fitting. It’s a very common way of reading in which by the help of a notebook and a pen, you will be able to finish the book and will be able to do a good review afterwards. The writing materials will act as the sponge that will filter all the important details you need, so that when you think of one book, you won’t grope in the darkness for details and questions. You will have a ready-made outline in your mind that will be very helpful in doing book reviews. Sponge reading answers the following:

  • How did the story develop?- how did it all start? What are the problems?
  • Who are the characters?- who are involved in the said problem/ problems?
  • What line in the book summarizes the story?- the line in the book that sounds so right and good you want to tweet it. LOL
  • How did it end?-how was the problem resolved? what was learned by those who are involved?

What is your most anticipated read of 2017?

The Origin by Dan Brown which will be out on the 27th of September this year.

What is my 2017 reading goal?

I don’t have a number of books that I want to finish this year, but I do have a rule when it comes to the kind of books I will be purchasing, which is of course once I am done with my TBR pile. I will read more books that has gained awards and nominations, Man Booker Prize winners specifically.

Ask me anything.



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