This Book Will Bark at You

A Dog’s Purpose

by W. Bruce Cameron

Reviewed by Eden


A Forge Book

First Edition: July 2010

306 pages

I guess I had never bothered to consider that there might such a thing as a boy, but now that I had found one, I thought it was just about the most wonderful concept in the world. He smelled of mud and sugar and an animal I’d never scented before, and a faint meaty odor clung to his fingers, so I licked them.” ― W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose


How does your dog usually get your attention? That’s a silly question. Is there ever a time that we don’t notice them? They lick, they bite, they bark and they destroy. They’re everywhere. But when we’re so busy doing human work, how does your dog make you realize that it exists? The most common attempt a dog would probably do without looking too aggressive or needy is to sniff you. If you’re not seriously busy, he could do a little trick of wagging its tail and if you still seem uninterested, it may do a bitter whining because it cannot curse you loud in the face. Now, the dog in this book surely got me listening when it started speaking.

I prefer novels written in a first person-point-of-view because all the details that you would need in the story are all first rated. See my reasons:

First Person:
*I could almost taste the victory just waiting for me across that yellow lane when I accidentally shifted, using the wrong foot and stumbled, elbow first to the ground.
Second Person:
*You could almost taste the victory just waiting across that yellow lane when you accidentally shifted, using the wrong foot and stumbled, elbow first to the ground.
Third Person:
*The girl could almost taste the victory just waiting for her across that yellow lane when she accidentally shifted, using the wrong foot and stumbled, elbow first to the ground.

In the state of the following sentences, the first person takes the blow of the pain and the blow of being a loser, the second person mocks and just makes the whole thing a lot more awkward, while the third person is someone you can call the supporter who had let bad things to happen so there’s something to talk about.

Going back to the book, A Dog’s Purpose is told through first dogperson-point-of-view. The tale started when a young stray mutt, Toby begins to acknowledge the existence of his siblings and the great deal of annoyance they cause him in fighting for the attention of their mother. But before I tell more on the book, I asked my co-muggle, Jamin about the one memory with her dog that she would not be able to forget.


The best memory I have had with my dog was when we fought Parvo together. Parvo is a contagious life threatening disease that attacks blood cells and affects intestinal tract. It was heart breaking! I saw my dog skinny and not moving. He was very weak and I knew in my heart I will lose him. I came home one day and there was blood in his bed. His eyes are closed. I ran! Runnn!!!I cried and held him in my arms. I ran and took him to the vet; the doctor said he’s no longer responding. I went home with all the needles in his paws. I told him that it’s okay to let go now and if he was already tired. I gave him water even if I was told not to. I wanted him to die than suffer internal bleeding. The nest day, a miracle happened. I woke up and I saw his tail wagging! He was weak, yes! But he was trying to tell me something. Now, almost three years after, is a super active dog named Wappi. He protects me from anyone (even from my dad! Lol) 🙂 He is very strong! A fighter! A survivor.

In reading this, we can say that my co-muggle, Jamin is a very, very kind-hearted master. She loves her dog so much that she would rather part with her dog than to see it being tormented in pain. A Dog’s Purpose will let us know what the dog has to say to this kindness and affection. This book will tell us what the dog feels every time we ran our hands through its fur. This book will tell us that if we often  go crazy trying to figure out why we’re here on earth, the dogs, too, wonder just why are they trapped in someone’s  backyard, why they share a living space with feral beings pretending to be domesticated (cats), and why they constantly receive disapproving looks every time they would make such a minimal disturbance like howling and barking in the middle of the night, but gets rewarded if they do this and there’s actually a bad man hiding in the dark.

Toby, the puppy went from being Bailey, the Golden Retriever to Ellie, the female German Shepherd then to Buddy, the Labrador. Each roles he played as a different dog made him wonder what real purpose he has to fulfill. With his transformations, he learned something vital that will help him pursue his greater will: To be with the boy that’s made for him. In the end, Buddy concluded this:

“The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with them, remaining by their sides no matter what course their lives might take . . .,”

I cried a lot at the very end. I would not hide that part. It’s also the kind of crying that I did after reading Me Before You. Now, what is the purpose of the author in writing this? It was long before established that dogs are man’s best friend. It was long ago said what all dogs can do. But . . .

Still, not everyone is aware that a dog cannot exist without a man, because its sole purpose is to be with a man.

Line taken from the book:
“This was what happened to dogs who tried to live without people, they became beaten down, defeated, starved.”

I knew then that I would have to recommend this book so badly to everyone who loves their dogs, but this book would also speak to everyone who had or have a dog who loves them just as much.




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