Coffee is a Life Partner


After a long week, I found myself sitting in a coffee shop drinking my roasted coffee. That aroma? Hmmm it’s so addicting! I hear laughters, stories in different languages and grinding sound of coffee beans, which are all, seems luxury for me. It relaxes me a bit and makes me feel so blessed for that glorious moment and then I realized how I really love Coffee. Coffee is my partner in everything, whether I am sad, happy or just reading a book, a cup of coffee should always be in my right hand.

In times that I feel that life is giving me so much stress; I look for a quiet spot and allow myself to process. When I feel that my surrounding seems deafening, I order a hot cappuccino and let myself filter all the noise. It’s simple right? When things are getting complicated to deal with, it’s nice that a cup of coffee will always be available.

Aside from those, one of my favorite relaxations is indulging me with a face mask. And the best way to kill time while waiting for the magic to work, I make coffee. I sit in my veranda, legs up and sip my hot coffee. What about you? What is your favorite relaxation activity?



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