Entry Three: Window Shopping for Books Part 1

Disclaimer: This is not the complete list, but the now-list. I change my mind as fast as the winds in Chicago and the publishers around the world sure know how to meet their deadlines. Nobody’s blaming anyone. HAHAHA. Series will be on a separate article. Not an affiliate of Barnes and Noble, yet. Reality Check:… Continue reading Entry Three: Window Shopping for Books Part 1


Entry Two: My Reading Shenanigans

How did I become tied to reading?/What is the first book I have ever read?/What kind of books don’t I read?/What is my most convenient reading position?/What can’t I stand while reading?/How fast do I read?

When I Started Reading

When I Started Reading? "A good book will turn its back on you and remains a friend." Living in a country where English is not your mother tounge, at first reading English book can be quite intimidating. Growing up in a small town where electricity turns off around eight o’clock in the evening is hard for… Continue reading When I Started Reading