Krung Thai


Krung Thai

Reviewed by Jamin

Green Mango Salad

During holidays, One of the Filipinos’ tradition is to go out and eat with the family. And since it’s Christmas time my cousin and I went to Marikina. We went there to shop and found out that in the outskirts of Marikina, there is this restaurant named Krung Thai. By the way, have you heard about it? Probably, some of you will answer yes! yes! yes! After we ate, I searched it on my food app and read good reviews about the food. It’s surprising that there is a restaurant near a public market that serves authentic Thai cuisine. Usually you see them somewhere Maginhawa St. or at the malls. I am happy and excited to share my review as I already tried a lot of Thai cuisines and I must say that this place made me happy after our long walk.

Location:  Marikina Public Market, M Cruz Corner WC Paz, Santa Elena, Marikina City

Dishes: When it comes to food I am open to try new cuisines and lately I have been loving Indian Cuisine. I ate a lot of mutton and curry these past few months and I think (again I think!) Indian and Thai dishes are almost similar, though Indian dishes are spicy and Thai dishes are sweet but are both tasty. They also serve curry dishes too but that time I wanted to try other best selling food.

 Spring rolls-                                             P 189

Thai Iced Milk Tea-                                 P 99

Krung Thai Fried Chicken (half)         P 299

Green Mango Salad-                               P 99

Plain Rice-                                                 P 14


Interior: The place is simple yet cozy! 🙂 So when you enter the bistro you’ll feel homely feeling that made me really enjoy my food.

Prices: The price is reasonable as the food is also yummy and tasty. It’s definitely worth it. I paid around P 813.00 for 2 people.

Rating: 3 out of 5. I gave this rating as there are few dishes available compared to some other Thai restaurants and the price range is not really for a budget meal.