Haters of Empire of Storms

It was all borrowed time anyway.


Book Review: Hunted

“if you’re reading this book, then you’re also that child reading by flashlight and dreaming of other worlds. Don’t be scared of her, that inner Beauty, or her dreams. Let her out. She’s you, and she’s me, and she’s magic. There’s” ― Meagan Spooner

Big Fat Love in this New YA

The story centers to Libby Strout and Jack Masselin. Libby used to weight over 600 pounds but has now lost almost half of it after a couple of years of proper counseling and medication. Still she stood out to be the heaviest girl in school. This makes her a jerk magnet; she seems to always attract insults from bad people and from people who are just influenced to be bad by others. But she is the kind of person who is brave and just naturally kind. She is a really good dancer too.